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Recipe Guidelines

Obviously our intent is to feature and utilize Maine grown and produced food products in all recipes.  We know that Maine gardeners, farmers and companies grow and produce a wide variety of food products and urge you to submit several of your favorite recipes for consideration.


Maine locavore recipe categories include Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Vegetables & Side Dishes, Main Dishes (all types of meats, sea food and vegetarian), Breads & Rolls, Desserts & Sweets and Miscellaneous.


While we would like to see all recipes contain entirely Maine grown or produced ingredients, we are realists and understand that not all good ingredients can be grown or produced in Maine.  For example, we are not aware of any Maine sources of items such as rice, olive oil, pineapples, oranges, many exotic spices, etc.  Other items such as many herbs and greens can be grown in Maine but may not be commercially available, particularly on a year round basis.  Yet, many Mainers grow them for personal use and we certainly consider home grown sources as important contributors to Maine locavore recipes.


Thus, if you have favorite recipes for Maine foods that contain other ingredients either not native to Maine, not commercially produced in Maine or not available all year, we still want to receive them for consideration. 


Also, if you know of Maine sources of seemingly uncommon ingredients, please list those sources with your recipes and we will publish them.  For example, Maine sea salt is produced by Maine Sea Salt Company in Marshfield.  Also, both canola and mustard oil are produced by Maine Natural Oils in Presque Isle.  Products from both these companies are available at stores throughout Maine. 


We cannot guarantee that all submitted recipes will be published, but we will do our best to include recipes from as many individuals (and businesses) as possible and will publish the name, town/city, web site, etc. of the submitter (unless they request not to be identified on the submittal form).


Also, please submit photos of your finished recipe if you have them available.  We will select a small selection of photos for publication, but would love to see how every recipe looks when ready to be served.


Submittals can be done online, by email or mail to Al Keene, Locavore Cookbooks, 1106 Valley Crossing, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947.  We will notify you whether or not your recipe is selected for publication.


We look forward to receiving your favorite Maine locavore recipes.